• Poster presentation at Congress of European Society of Evolutionary Biology (ESEB) in Prague, Czech Republic. Using juvenile songbirds to study the genetic basis of the migratory syndrome – Justen, H., Klicka, J., Easton, W., Delmore, K.


  • Oral presentation at the annual meeting of the American Ornithological Society. (virtual) Reduced habitat suitability and landscape connectivity in a songbird divide. – Justen, H., Lee-Yaw J., Delmore, K.
  • Oral presentation at annual meeting of the Animal Behavior Society. (virtual) Migratory behavior of juvenile songbirds and it’s genetic basis. – Justen, H., Easton, W., Delmore, K.
  • Oral presentation Schubot seminar series at Texas A&M University, USA. Migratory behavior of juvenile Swainson’s thrush hybrids. – Justen, H., Delmore, K.


  • Oral presentation Student research week and Ecological Impact symposium at Texas A&M University, USA Evidence of extrinsic postzygotic isolation in a North American songbird. – Justen, H., Lee-Yaw J., Delmore K.
  • Poster presentation at Gordon Research Conference on Speciation in Ventura, USA Ecological models provide the first evidence of increased costs for hybrids in a migratory divide. – Justen, H., Lee-Yaw J., Delmore K.


  • Poster presentation at meeting of the American Society of Naturalists (ASN150) in Pacific Grove, USA and Poster for “Genetics of migration” symposium at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology in Plön, Germany – Characterization of Clock gene polymorphism across populations and migratory phenotypes of Stonechats. – Justen, H., Hasselmann, T., Illera, JC., Delmore, K., Senyaki, M., Kawamura, K., Helm, B., Liedvogel, M